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©Crédit Photo : Samuel BIGOT/ANDIA
©Crédit Photo : Samuel BIGOT/ANDIA

Jean-Guy Le Floch, Armor-Lux chairman

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What are your motivations to participate in the International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO-2017?

The International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO-2017 is a great opportunity for Armor Lux to demonstrate its know-how and expertise with a view to showcasing elegance, history, style and authentic and sustainable clothing.

It is a huge pride for the company and its employees to take part in this new adventure which supports us in our worldwide development.

What shape will take your partnership with French pavilion in Astana?

Armor Lux will design and manufacture in its Quimper factory a complete range of Pavilion France Astana 2017 branded products to dress the host and managerial staff for the duration of the exposition.

Armor lux was founded in 1938 and since then has been defending a unique expertise in the field of quality wear production.

It is a privilege for Armor Lux to be part of the Pavilion France adventure and to contribute to the influence of France and French lifestyle through such an important even.

Interview of September 28,  2016.

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