Colloquium ADEME – July 4th, 2017

Colloquium ADEME — July 4th, 2017

The Pavilion of France welcomed the French Agency for the Environment and the Management of Energy (ADEME) on Tuesday, July 4th, for a colloquium on « French Innovations in Clean Energy Technologies, Towards a Low-carbone World ». An ADEME delegation from France, led by its president Mr Bruno Lechevin and accompanied by the CEOs and representatives from seven startups and societies supported by ADEME, participated in this event and visited the Pavilion of France as well as the International Expo.

The colloquium was an opportunity to exchange with kazakh actors in the area of renewable energies and the environment. The morning session was dedicated to a conference on « France, Earth of Innovations in Clean Energy Technologies: What Cooperation Opportunities with Kazakhstan? ». The Science Fund of Kazakhstan participated and was represented by its president Mr Anuarbek Zhalelovich Sultangazin, ADEME was of course present through Mr Bruno Lechevin and its Director of Executive Strategy, Research and International Affairs Mr François Moisan, the Club ADEME International was represented by its General Delegate Mr Olivier Decherf, and the INES society, a leader in solar innovations, by its Director General Mr Philippe Malbranche. At the end of the conference, the floor was given to two major French companies, partners of the Pavilion of France, that shared their business experience in Kazakhstan: Total, represented by its Director General in Kazakhstan Mr Pascal Bréant, also representative at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kazakhstan, and Vicat, represented by the Director of Strategic Partnerships, Mr Pierre-Oliver Boyer.


The afternoon session looked at « Innovating Solutions Supported by ADEME in France and Innovating Kazakh Solutions Supported by the Authorities of Kazakhstan » and consisted of a succession of lively presentations followed by Q&As  by seven societies and startups supported by ADEME: CLEANTUESDAY, ENEKIO, ENERTIME, SABELLA, ENVIROGROUP, INES and BLADETIPS ENERGY. This was followed by a presentation of the Technopark of Astana Nazarbayev University, and in particular a closer look at two of its projects, an energy-sufficient yurt built on its campus and its Institute of Batteries. Two projects supported by the Kazakh Science Fund were then shared by the laureates of a Science Fund competition, the Institute of Combustion Problems and the Asphalt Technology Society. The French delegation had the opportunity to visit the Technopark of Nazarbayev University on the day following the conference in order to have a closer look at the projects that were presented during the colloquium.

This important day for our Pavilion gave way to fruitful exchanges that contributed to the dialogue between France and Kazakhstan on the essential topic of clean energies. Thank you to all of the Kazakh and French participants for their attention and for the many questions that animated the different sessions! A video summarizing the key lessons learned from this colloquium will soon be available below.


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