Conference of Alain Gachet (SAS Radar Technologies International)

Conference of Alain Gachet (SAS Radar Technologies International)

Radar Technologies International and the WATEX System

 When: 6th of September 2017 at 10am

Where: Conference Room of the Pavilion of France 

Water is an indispensable resource. In addition to ensuring the life comfort of entire populations, it participates in the stabilization and reconstruction of countries destroyed by conflict and by the consequences of climate. How can the WATEX technology help us deal with the rarefication and the serious pollution of the surface water on our planet?

Alain Gachet has developed an innovative and unique Expert system called WATEX (for Water Exploration) to detect freshwater in deep aquifers. These aquifers are a major economic and human asset for the future because they are thirty times more abundant in water than all of the water surface contained in rivers and lakes.

The detected areas were confirmed by drillings of more than 700 m of depth with a success rate of 90% in several countries of African and Middle-East. This Expert System was able to detect giant aquifers containing several hundred billion cubic meters of water in African deserts, at the request of international organizations.


On September 6th at 10am, the Pavilion of France welcomed Dr Gachet, engineer from the prestigious Ecole des Mines. He made his career in the oil and mining industry and participated in many international explorations. He is the founder of SAS Radar Technologies International, and has developed a revolutionary technology called WATEX. He received the award of Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur in December 2015 and was elected in the « Technology Hall of Fame » by the NASA and the Space Foundation.


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