Conference by Anne Konitz (Conservatory of the French Coastline)

Conference by Anne Konitz (Conservatory of the French Coastline)

The coastline, a full-scale lab to anticipate the effects of climate change

When: Tuesday July 25th at 6pm

Where: Conference Room of the Pavilion of France

Today, the effects of climate change are clearly visible on the shores of France: accelerated erosion, submersion, setback of the coastline. These various phenomena raise questions on the management of coastline territories. The protected natural spaces by the shores can be seen as buffer zones which are necessary to absorb today’s extreme climatic changes. The sites that are protected by the French Coastline Conservatory have the advantage of not being inhabited and therefore constitute a precious laboratory for global considerations. When confronted by rising sea levels, what attitude must we adopt: resistance, endurance or adaptation?


The 25th of July at 6pm, the Pavilion of France welcomed Anne Konitz, in charge of the communication and patronage of the Conservatory of the French Coastline. After studying architecture, landscaping and geography, Anne Konitz worked as an architect and landscaper until 1998. She then joined the French Coastline Conservatory, a national public institution in charge of preserving the French shores, and has been in charge of scientific studies. She is the director of Communications and Patronage of the Conservatory. She participated in various collective works, The Gardens of the Coast in 2001 and the Coast Encyclopedia in 2010 at the Actes Sud editions.


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