Conference of Daniel Raichvarg (University of Burgundy)

Conference of Daniel Raichvarg (University of Burgundy)

Louis Pasteur, Scientific and Industrial Entrepreneur

When: Tuesday July 11th at 3pm

Where: Conference Room of the Pavilion of France

Louis Pasteur was a man of science whose legacy does not limit itself to his work on rabies or microbes. A number and variety of encounters, ranging from microbes, crystals or yeasts, to wine and winegrowers, doctors, farmers and industrials, constituted key cornerstones in his research. These encounters can be seen as tensions, big or small, strong or weak, in all cases necessary, inherent and inseparable from the mindset and society of the time. They illustrate how Pasteur’s frequent travels between the field and the lab, practice and theory, research and industry, sparked many of his innovations.


The 11th of July at 3pm, the Pavilion of France welcomed Daniel Raichvarg, professor of Information and Communication Sciences at the University of Burgundy, president of the French Society of Information and Communication Sciences and coordinator of many projects including Terre de Louis Pasteur – sciences et héritage at the French Academy of Sciences. A biology teacher for several years, he has worked on topics as different and complementary as the history of sciences, philosophy and theater. He has also published many books in relations to these topics.


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