Conference of Georges Calas (Collège de France)

Conference of Georges Calas (Collège de France)

Mineral resources, a major issue in the context of sustainable development

When: Monday August 21st at 6pm

Where: Conference Room of the Pavilion of France

Mineral resources have marked human development as a discrete yet vital part of our economy. Iron, gold or mineral materials – ceramic, glass, cement, pigments… – have been components of our civilizations since their origin. However, questionings on the limit of these resources arose during crises concerning critical metals (rare earths, lithium…). The exploitation of mineral resources affects the major socio-economic equilibriums worldwide and poses significant challenges in terms of environmental and social impacts. This field of research between economy, ecology and social sciences is a unique source of information on the way our planet and its environment work.


The 21st of August at 6pm, the Pavilion of France welcomed Georges Calas, professor at the Institute of Mineralogy, Materials Physics and Cosmochemistry of the Pierre and Marie Curie University. He held the Chair of « Sustainable Development – Environment, Energy and Society » from 2014 to 2015 at the prestigious high education and research institution Collège de France, established in Paris since 1530.He is a senior member of the French University Institute, member of the Europaea Academia and international member of the Royal Society of Canada. He is also Doctor Honoris Causa at the Al-Farabi National University (Kazakhstan).


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