Conference of the Admiral Coldefy

Conference of the Admiral Coldefy

The French Chapters of the Sea

When: 8th of September at 16h00

Where: Conference Room of the Pavilion of France

The sea  has always been a major actor in history. Major figures of the sea history – Ulysse, Jacques Cartier, Christophe Colomb — but also less famous heroes deserve to be presented, because they contributed to the discovery of new sea and land territories through their desire for adventure. Their impact lives on today as their work allows us to better know our planet, and facilitates the research of cartographers. The sea history also consists in the evolution of vessels over the centuries. In this regard, France has stood out through a variety of innovations. Last but not least, many artists have praised the sea over centuries. Musicians, writers, and painters, like Debussy, Proust or Monet, all paid a tribute to the sea and contributed to its cultural heritage.



On September 8th at 16h00, the Pavilion of France welcomed the Admiral Coldefy, research director at IRIS, specialist of defense politics and strategy, more specifically of the maritime strategy and the defense industry. He finished his military career in 2006 as General Inspector of the Armed Forces. During his career, he commanded the aircraft carrier Clemenceau in Bosnia and the Franco-British aircraft-carrier forces during the operations in Kosovo. He was also deputy-director and then director of international relations for the French army, after being advisor to the Minister’s office.


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