Conference of Etienne Klein (physicist and philosopher)

Conference of Etienne Klein (physicist and philosopher)

What does energy stand for?

When: Monday July 10th at 3pm

Where: Conference Room of the Pavilion of France

In everyday language, the word energy carries a variety of meanings: it can refer to strength as well as to power, to vigor or momentum, to dynamism or will… And since it finds its roots in Ancient Greek (Energeia), we tend to assume that it has always pertained to scientific terminology. However, it was introduced into the scientific language three centuries ago. And since then, physics has known many revolutions. In light of this, what does a contemporary physicist mean by energy?

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The 10th of July at 3pm, the Pavilion of France welcomed Etienne Klein, physicist and philosopher, research director of the Laboratory on Material Sciences at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Professor Klein teaches philosophy of science at the prestigious engineering school Ecole centrale in Paris and is a member of the National Academy of Technologies of France. He also broadcasts a show called “The Scientific Conversation” on the “France-culture” radio.

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