Conference of Michèle Antoine (Universcience)

Conference of Michèle Antoine (Universcience)

Scientific Mediation for the Citizens of the World

When : Tuesday August 29th at 5pm

Where : Conference Room of the Pavilion of France

How can we spark interest around scientific fields today? How can sciences be explained and what spaces can scientific and technical knowledge occupy?

The Palais de la découverte was an initiative of Nobel price in Physics Jean Perrin in 1937 for the World Fair held in Paris that year. The exhibit “Science in progress” at the heart of Paris was expected to be temporary but still welcomes many visitors, schools and families, 80 years after its creation. The celebration of its anniversary in the context of Astana 2017 is a great opportunity to look back at the reasons for its success, and more generally that of a public space which honors the fundamental principles of science.


The 29th of August, the Pavilion of France welcomed Michèle Antoine, director of exhibitions at Universcience in Paris, a public institution regrouping the Palais de la découverte and the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, two eminent scientific and cultural centers of the capital. She coordinates the programming of these centers, which touches upon all sciences including social sciences and science history.


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