Conference of Philippe Couperie-Eiffel

Conference of Philippe Couperie-Eiffel

Eiffel by Eiffel

When:  Thursday August 31st at 5pm

Where: Conference room of the Pavilion of France

The visionary engineer Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923) led a fascinating life. If he is known for having given his name to the city of Paris through the tower – initially temporary – of which he supervised the construction for the World Fair of 1889, he was also at the origin of many scientific and technical inventions. Eiffel the constructor worked on the standardization of pieces and on dismountable bridges with characteristic style and audacity. A traveler and business man, he participated in the construction of the Panama Canal of which he held shares and for which he imagined a new type of lock. A man of science above all, Eiffel is at the origin of modern aerodynamics, the inventor of the ancestors of the reactor and of fighter aircrafts.  Come and discover the many facets of this great man who devoted his life to work for the progress of science and society.


On the 31st of August at 5.00 P.M., the Pavilion of France welcomed Philippe Couperie-Eiffel, direct descendant of the famous Gustave Eiffel and president of the “Friends of Gustave Eiffel”. This association was founded in 2008 and is the partner of many institutions and projects that carry the values of Gustave Eiffel. It is also the co-producer of the movie “In the footsteps of Gustave Eiffel” directed by Charles Berling and written by Virginie Couperie-Eiffel, vice-president of the association.



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