Conference of Professor Clement Sanchez (Collège de France)

Conference of Professor Clement Sanchez (Collège de France)

Looking back at a few images from the conference of June 27, 2017, with Professeur Clement Sanchez, specialized in the chemistry of hybrid materials at the Collège de France in Paris.

Sanchez FR

The conference titled « Biological Materials as an Inspiration for Material Science » looked at soft chemistry, which is the study of natural materials with remarkable properties that inspire the elaboration of hybrid organic-inorganic materials. These often lead the way towards a number of technological innovations. Professeur Sanchez explained how certain materials which exist in Nature such as the surface of plants or the bone tissues in vertebrates have and continue to inspire chemists and engineers in the synthesis of « intelligent materials ».


The conference attracted a varied and wide audience, among which many participants from universities such as the Nazarbayev University, the Eurasian National University and the Agrotechnical University of Astana, as well as from scientific centers such as the National Center for Biotechnology and the Russian Center for Science and Culture of Astana. Members of the Ministry of Education and of different Pavilions were also present.


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