French commitment

France, a strong commitment to environmental and energy issues

The first universal climate agreement (COP 21) was adopted by consensus of all the 196 participating delegations (195 countries and European Union) on the 12th of December 2015 in Paris. This is a long sought-after agreement and France’s contribution to its success is very considerable. Never before has there been an issue that gathered so many heads of State or Government and never have there been as many national contributions to its resolution.

The Paris agreement is a historical; it confirms the target of keeping the rise in temperature below 2°, it even establishes in one of its clauses that one should be aiming for 1,5°. Furthermore, energy must be considered as an inalienable human heritage and treated responsibly and rationally.

By these standards, French energy efficiency strategy is built around 4 major goals:

  • Ensure the security of supply.
  • Maintain competitive energy prices.
  • Protect human health, reducing, in particular greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Guarantee social and territorial cohesion ensuring access to energy for everyone.

These long term goals setting a course for French energy policy are based on 4 main axes:

  • Master energy demand.
  • Diversify energy package.
  • Develop research and innovation in the energy sector.
  • Insure transport and storage suited to needs.
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