The spirit of Montmartre in Astana

The spirit of Montmartre in Astana

France organized a day dedicated to Montmartre on the Expo this Wednesday 16th of August. Many portraitists were present in order to immortalize the faces of visitors and to recreate the atmosphere of the Place du Tertre. With French music in the background, many were those who were able to leave with a free portrait. A Kazakh painter worked throughout the day on a beautiful painting of the Eiffel Tower, and two French abstract art painters, Sylvie Touzery and Joël Duprat, performed live sketches that captured the ambiance of this crossroad of cultures.


In parallel, the team of the Pavilion organized a game that collected a lot of success among the visitors : they were given a questionnaire on the Pavilion which they had to return within a limited time period in order to win Yves Rocher presents. Many participants played along and contributed to the animation of this improvised Place du Tertre in Astana!


This day bathed in sunlight and French music was an opportunity to honor art next to the Pavilion of France and to give Astana a taste of the bohemian spirit of one of the renown places in Paris.



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