Newsletter #JUNE – French Economic Diplomacy in Kazakhstan

June Newsletter of the Pavilion of France

International Expo Astana 2017,

French Economic Diplomacy in Kazakhstan

The International Expo Astana 2017 on the theme of « Future energies » opened its doors a month ago and has already allowed the many French companies presenting their innovations on the Pavilion of France to reinforce their ties with Kazakhstan.

An international forum featuring French companies

The International Expo Astana 2017 constitutes a unique opportunity to export and highlight French expertise, to demonstrate the innovative capabilities of French companies as well as for them to penetrate and position themselves at the heart of the wide central Asian market.

Many French industrial leaders representative of French excellence in the areas of clean energy and sustainable development are present in Astana and share their technologies in the Pavilion of France. Amongst them you may find Peugeot, Saint-Gobain, Veolia, Vicat, Total and Iter as well as the metropolitan agency Syctom and ADEME.

Since the beginning of the International Expo, a variety of economic events have been organized within the Pavilion of France and given way to fruitful exchanges with the high authorities of Kazakhstan.

Amongs them:

  • seminars of Saint-Gobain on the house of the future (acoustic solutions, multi-comfort concept…);
  • international colloquium by Veolia devoted to desalination plant project at Mangystau (shore of the Caspian Sea);
  • Syctom conference on the treatment of urban waste;
  • Ademe colloquium on energetic innovations and sustainable development, with French startups, SMEs and the Ademe International Club; and
  • the presentation of the international Iter project followed by the signature of a partnership with Kazakhstan.

In parallel, and in order to be a facilitator for our companies, the national pavilion, under the impulse of the High Commissioner of France Pascal Lorot, co-organized many events with other leading French economic actors.

Amongst them:

  • the Sanofi Day devoted to the innovating approaches dealing with sicknesses of high social impact, and the signature of a partnership with the ministry of health of Kazakhstan in order to fight against diabetes; and
  • the official signature of an important commercial contract between Air Liquide and Pavlodar Oil Chemical Refinary LLP.

“On the international arena, the situation of Kazakhstan makes it a privileged space for a variety of international discussions. France was the first European country to establish diplomatic and economic ties in Kazakhstan. Today, we are the 3rd most important international investor. Through its presence at the Expo, France sends a strong signal to foreign investors meanwhile supporting the local initiatives of the French companies present in Kazakhstan” declares Pascal Lorot, High Commissioner of France at the International Expo Astana 2017.

Last but not least, throughout this first month, many cultural events were held in the Pavilion of France. Beyond the variety of conferences that were co-organized with institutes such as the Center for Geo-energies of Almaty and the University of Lorraine, a competition organized by the Institute Sorbonne-Kazakhstan rewarded the most innovative student projects and the international platform IFprofs was launched during a seminar by the Alliance française and the “Association kazakhstanaise des enseignants de français”.

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