Press Conference of 22/05

Press Conference of 22/05

The team of the General Commission of France at the Expo 2017 is up and ready and almost fully settled in Astana. Although the Expo site is still under construction, it is evolving on a day-to-day basis.

The High Commissioner, Mr. Pascal Lorot, arrived on Monday 22 May and held a press conference on the same afternoon at the Expo’s media center. Around forty journalists participated in this event in order to discover the specificities of the French pavilion as well as certain innovations that will be presented by its eight partner companies and organizations. The Commissioner’s presentation of the pavilion was followed by a Q&A which touched upon the possible visit to the Expo of representatives of the French government, and the stakes and impact of this event France. Although it is too early to anticipate on such a visit before the second round of the legislative elections to be held on June 18, the Commissioner recalled that it had been a tradition for high French representation to attend Expo events.

The Commissioner underlined the importance for France to take the opportunity of the Expo to build upon the Franco-Kazakh relationship. Among other things, it should be strengthened on the Expo through the partnerships with three Kazakh universities: the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute, the Eurasian National University of Astana, and the Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute. These will allow us to welcome more than 20 young Kazakhs who study the French language at university in order to help on the animation of the pavilion. In addition, a rich programme of scientific and cultural events will also give way to moments of exchange and discussion thanks to a dedicated space for conferences in the pavilion.

Some eye-catching innovations such as the Peugeot car, which pave the way towards a technological Revolution of a new kind, sparked special interest among the journalists. The screening of the film that will be projected at the entrance of the pavilion also gave a foretaste of the « joie de vivre » that fuels many French festivals and events. However, many aspects of the pavilion of France are yet to be discovered, and the Commissariat team will be ready to meet you on June 10 for a more complete exploration!



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