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General Overview: A review of the publications about the French Pavilion and the actions of the French Commission of the Exposition. Press, videos, TV and other medias.

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« Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the EXPO 2017 objects ». Available in Russian
MIR 24 (25/08/2017)

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« Yves Rocher at the Pavilion of France ». Available in Russian
PPZ.KZ (22/08/2017)

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vieo montmartre

« They recreated the Parisian atmosphere of Montmatre at the Expo ». Available in Russian
MIR 24 (16/08/2017)

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article 1 montmartre

« They recreated the Parisian atmosphere of Montmatre at the Expo ». Available in Russian
Kazakhstanskaia pravda (16/08/2017)

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« France’s EXPO pavilion sets event records, displays energy saving technologies ». Available in English
The Astana Times (4/08/2017)

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kazakh tv interview

« Future energy made in France». Available in English
Kazakh TV (17/07/2017)

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« John Malkovich comes to EXPO and visits Pavilion of France ». Available in Russian
Sputnik (26/07/2017)

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« Astana through the eyes of French photographer ». Available in Kazakh
Kazakh TV (25/07/2017)

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« Astana in French photographer’s camera ». Available in Russian
Atameken Business Channel (15/07/2017)

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le figaro

«Pascal Lorot, a summer in Kazakhstan». Available in French
Le Figaro (14/06/2017)

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« In Kazakhstan, France at the high of its elegance for the Expo Astana 2017». Available in French
L’Opinion (04/07/2017)

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Le nouvel économiste article

« Astana, capital of the change in the world energetic model». Available in French
Le nouvel Economiste (09/06/2017)

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le monde de l energie

«The international exhibition 2017 in the footsteps of the Paris agreement». Available in French
Le Monde de l’Energie (08/06/2017)

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« Towards a low-carbon world ». Available in Russian

Liter (11/07/2017)

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« French innovations in the energy technologies presented in Astana ». Available in Russian

Website of the Science Committee (05/07/2017)

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« The new ecological politics were presented under the frame of EXPO ». Available in Russian

Kazakhstan (04/07/2017)

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article 21 juin KZ P

« French accent in Astana : songs, cabaret and “vechnaya lyubov”». Available in Russian

Kazakhstankaya pravda (21/06/2017)

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article 21 juin DIXI News

« Day of France took place at Expo 2017 Astana». Available in Russian.
DIXINEws (21/06/2017)

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Article Liter 20.06

« Day of France takes place today at Expo 2017 Astana». Available in Russian.
Liter  (20/06/2017)

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« Oljas Suleimenov in Astana: I was impressed by what the Kazakhs have done ». Available in Russian.
Олжас Сулейменов об Астане: Я восхищен тем, что сделано казахстанцами.
Khabar 24  (16/06/2017)

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« In the pavilion of France was shown the plan of fusion reactor ». Available in kazakh.
Khabar TV  (13/06/2017)

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« What distinguishes France from other pavilions? ». Available in Russian.
Atamaken Business Channel  (13/06/2017)

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« Art and modern technology bound France at EXPO in Astana ». Available in Russian.
Искусство и современные технологии связала Франция на EXPO в Астане.
KhazPravda  (13/06/2017)

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photo khabar 24

« France will present the new generation car at EXPO ». Available in Russian.
Станет ли «ЭКСПО-шар» популярным, как Эйфелева башня?
Khabar 24  (22/05/2017)

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photo total kz

« Will the Expo ball be as popular as the Eiffel Tower? ». Available in Russian.
Станет ли «ЭКСПО-шар» популярным, как Эйфелева башня?
TOTAL.KZ  (22/05/2017)

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photo EXPO 2017

« Green energies and the cultural traditions of France at Astana EXPO-2017 ». Available in Russian.
Зеленая энергетика и культурные традиции Франции на Astana EXPO-2017
EXPO 2017  (22/05/2017)

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photo article today kz

« France will present revolutionary Peugeot car at EXPO-2017 ». Available in Russian.
Франция на EXPO-2017 представит революционный автомобиль от Peugeot
TODAY.KZ  (22/05/2017)

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« Foreign participants EXPO-2017 shared their remarks with the organisers ».  Available in Russian.
Иностранные участники EXPO-2017 высказали организаторам свои замечания
Tengrinews (22/02/2017)

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« France promises to surprise visitors of its pavilion during Expo-2017 ».  Available in Russian.
Франция обещает удивить посетителей своего павильона на ЭКСПО-2017
Kazinform (22/02/2017)

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« Meetings and signatures during the third International Participant’s Meeting (IPM) for “Expo Astana 2017” ».  Available in Russian.
Встречи и подписания на III-ем Собрании Международных участников «Астана ЭКСПО-2017»
Official site Expo 2017 (22/02/2017)

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« Kazakh interns are getting ready for the EXPO-2017 ». Available in Russian.
Волонтеры Казахстана готовятся к «EXPO-2017»
Kazakh TV (14/11/2016)

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« Eurasian National University and the General Commission of France plan to cooperate during Astana EXPO-2017 ». Available in Russian and in Kazakh.
ЕНУ и Генеральный комиссариат Франции: сотрудничество в области «Астана ЭКСПО-2017»
Eurasian National University press service (09/11/2016)
Kaztrk.kz (11/11/2016)

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France to build corridor to “green” technology at EXPO-2017
Kaz Pravda (08/11/2016)

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“EXPO-2017: First pavilions handed over to 5 countries”.
Inform.kz (31/10/2016)

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“EXPO-2017 participants start receiving their pavilions”. Available in Russian.
Ktk.kz (31/10/2016)

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« Pascal Lorot multiplies his trips to Kazakhstan ». Available in French.
La lettre A, p.1 (13/10/2016)

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Jane Sweeney via Getty Images

After COP21, Astana 2017. Available in French.
Après la COP21, Astana 2017
Le Huffington Post (05/09/2016)

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EXPO 2017 is a ‘Dialogue of the International Community,’ Says BIE Chief
The Astana Times (26/02/2016)

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EXPO-2017 will have a positive impact on the image of Kazakhstan,’ Says Pascal Lorot. Available in Kazakh.
Паскаль Лоро: EXPO-2017 көрмесі Қазақстанның имиджіне оң әсер етеді
Kaz News (25/02/2016)

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Participants of the international meeting are satisfied with the state of EXPO-2017 preparations. Available in Russian.
Об итогах II Собрания международных участников Международной специализированной выставке ЭКСПО-2017.
Kaz Pravda (25/02/2016)

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« We believe that EXPO-2017 will be a real success » says the High commissioner for France for the EXPO-2017. Available in Russian.
Комиссар павильона Франции на ЭКСПО-2017: «Мы уверены, что ЭКСПО-2017 станет настоящим успехом»
Zakon.kz (25/02/2016)

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France Supports, seeks inspiration from Astana EXPO 2017
The Astana Times (19/02/2016)

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