Projection of the film “Princes with 2 Bumps”

Projection of the film ''Princes with 2 Bumps''

A projection of the film « Princes with 2 Bumps » took place the 22th of July at the Pavilion of France. Many visitors of the International Exhibition came to better discover the world and the qualities of the princes of desert, filmed across many countries such as Mongolia, China or Kazakhstan.
François Brey, the film maker, was present to answer the question of spectatores, and to share his passion of camelids. Thanks to the two organisators, François and Laurence Brey, a raffle permitted the visitors to win many presents : a camel in camel milk chocolate, the film DVD, a shubat bottle…

The event concluded itself with a tasting of shubat (camel milk), camel milk chocolate and wine to everyone’s delight.

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