Erwan Dupuy, General Delegate in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries

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Why did you decide to be present on the EXPO 2017 inside the French pavilion?

The history of Saint-Gobain is inextricably intertwined with the history of France: our company was created by virtue of the Letters Patent signed by the Sun King, Louis XIV, first as the Royal Manufactory of Mirror Glass, whose first order was to produce the glass for the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. Those Saint-Gobain mirrors can still be seen in Versailles today and are still considered to be a gem of not only the French, but also of the world architectural heritage.

But there is another reason behind this too: it was precisely in France, in Paris that the 21st UN Climate Conference (COP21) was held in December 2015 – the event giving birth to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. One of the key points highlighted by that Agreement is responsible energy use and support of scientific research and innovations related to energy sector. Saint-Gobain had become an official partner of the Conference taking a most active part in it as a representative of the big business sector, because we believe that combating climate change and mitigating the environmental footprint in general are strategic tasks.

The French pavilion at EXPO-2017 will feature the best achievements of companies originating in France and presenting their latest technologies for energy conservation and sustainable management. That is why our presence in the French pavilion at EXPO-2017 is something to be expected – it is both a tribute to our rich history and an opportunity to make a contribution to the great cause of preserving our planet for the future generations.

What innovations would you like to present at EXPO 2017?

All through its history Saint-Gobain has been developing materials and solutions dedicated to improve people’s living space and improving comfort while at home, at work or on the go. That said, it is essential that the environmental footprint of the materials be kept to a minimum, with the highest energy-efficiency and optimal comfort to ensure the well-being of users. Saint-Gobain is a renowned global expert in energy efficiency in buildings. For us the proverbial “energy of the future” is the energy we have saved today. We would like EXPO-2017 guests to see our innovative energy saving solutions, which greatly enhance well-being through day-to-day comfort.

We will moreover surely demonstrate our new technologies for thermal comfort and acoustic comfort. We will offer our guests to experience first-hand the benefit of those comforts and appreciate the ease of access to those solutions.

What does Kazakhstan mean to you?

Kazakhstan is land of vast opportunities, endowed with rich mineral resources and highly educated people. It also presents a valuable bridge between East and West which is –nowadays- an inspiring example of harmonious co-existence of different philosophies, lifestyles, different beliefs and religions!

For us Kazakhstan is also a valued business partner since 1998, and we plan to boost our local investments. We are committed to the benefits of Future Energy: saving energy today, whilst offering greatest comfort and well-being.

Interview of Novembre 10, 2016.

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