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What are your motivations to participate in the International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO-2017 and what shape will your partnership take?

To participate in the Astana International Expo, in the Pavilion of France, is a wonderful opportunity to valorize our responsible approach with regards to the beauty and design of grounds for real estate professionals.

We have been French creators of textile flooring since 1881 and our ambition is to combine craft and industry in order to develop personalized products that serve each building project.

By choosing to cover the floors of the Pavilion of France, we want to valorize the implication and the long experience of our teams. Their expertise allows us to deliver a high level of quality and service.

We are constantly seeking to develop products that provide a high level of performance meanwhile respecting the environment. Certified by AFAQ, our plant is the only French manufactory to hold three certifications, among which a system for environmental management that uses recycled and recyclable natural material only.

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